There aren’t many things that will make you feel as proud as acknowledgement from another on what you have achieved.


A reward can be a big bonus, a lovely present, or even a small mention in front of your peers about your success.


Rewards are like coins


Rewards can be a great motivator and can also be an inhibitor.


So whats the difference?


From a young age the majority of children are rewarded on their outcomes with sweets and chocolate for what they have done, and thus creating the association..


Good results = sugar

And my word, not many things are as addictive as sugar.  Once you have had a small taste you could find yourself 3 hours later at the bottom of a packet of sugar puffs, after feasting on a chocolate gateau, whilst washing it down with a 2L bottle of pepsi..


.. Well, I could anyway


So is this the best conditioning you could give a child?


On the reverse side of this you could reward behaviours with something fun.  Think about the relationship you build there..


Working hard and trying my best will result in doing something fun..

The list of things you would get through would be immense!


There are two differences in the types of rewards just mentioned, there is the obvious reward given sweets and fun respectively.


There is also the slightly more subtle reason for the reward being given.


In the first example the reward was given for the outcome.  This is great, yet if you have a slightly unsuccessful streak this could leave you feeling a bit gutted and worse, could leave you afraid of failure!


The second example focused on the behaviour.  This is much more important.  Repeated behaviours are what will lead you so long term success.


It’s something we say when we train

Do the reps and it’ll get easier

Do you think the worlds highest achievers have never failed?

If you work hard enough, and you are not afraid to dream, and you are not afraid to fail – everybody fails, I’ve had more failures than I have had success, but I am not afraid to fail.

Chris Coleman, Wales Football manager after a famous Welsh victory over Belgium in the Euro 2015 quarter finals.


This particular quote has really stuck with me, as for me, it emphasises the importance of repeated behaviour, regardless of failure, because success will come to you.


Always reward a behaviour, never be afraid to fail.



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