Yo its Charles Thomas Robert King here…

I’m the Head Coach here at Fast way to Fitness.

I bring the Energy back to peoples lives every single day through the medium of food, focus and fitness … high 5’s, dramatic handshakes and the occasional bottom tap…

Since Joining Fast My life has seen a dramatic upturn… perhaps because I’ve helped hundreds of people do exactly the same in fairness.

In the last 4 years I’ve created online programs, ran fitness camps, coached over a hundred people and ran countless seminars… all in aid of helping more people get more energy.

I’m told by my awesome clients every day that they love my coaching and my energy so what I’d love to share with you is all the reasons why I now have my unwavering, tail wagging, inspirational energy…

In 2016 my mission is to help 200 families create incredible health.

Being a dad

In 2014 my Sweedish partner in crime “Chlo-Job” (Aka Chloe) gave birth to our little man Oliver and from the moment he was born I had this mindset shift that now I had this little man to take care of and not only could I affect the number of years I could spend with him, I could equally dramatically influence the quality of those years by looking after my body.

I want to be the 120 year old Grandfather who can still play football with my children’s children.

This may sound a little crazy, but this vision actually comes from losing my own Dad when I was only 16. This happening in my life has inspired me to not only have a long amazing life with my family, but to help other people do EXACTLY the same.

If you are a parent who is looking for MORE Energy, Better Knowledge about how to feed your family…



If you were to ask any of my compadres, coworkers, team mates and family they’ll tell you I’m a little bit of a “social butterfly”… actually strike that … more like a “Social Albatross”.

So in 2006 I left to uni to do a degree ‘like everyone else’…

And it was exactly that which gave me one of the most valuable lessons I still teach today.


That its your journey, you are at the steering wheel and YOU choose your path and your destination.


I really wanted to help people get fit, change their lives and eat better, and thought the ONLY way was to go to uni… But little did I know it was A way… but not THEE way.

See just like you might jump on a diet like everyone else in the office, or get swept along by a current trend or popular diet… I too got “Swept along by the crowd” into a degree that didn’t really make me happy… or get me in front of people like you who need help getting back into fitness.

The moment I REALLY dedicated myself to becoming a full time Coach and Trainer I started to see MASSIVE changes in my life…

Where do you need to stop following the crowd and start carving your own path?




Believe it or not I was quite the footballer in my day, without a long nostlagic trip down memory lane about my football (or as Ben calls it…Netball) days…Football was a huge part of my identity, during the time I dropped out of Uni it seemed to be the only thing going REALLY well…

And I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but when we get “failures” in one area we really focus on other areas… Perhaps a little like focusing on your weight when your job or relationship isn’t going well.

Well I did exactly that… and I got really good at football.

Although I was super tough I started to notice with each consecutive game that I was getting more and more pain from my knees.

To the point where I had to have a shed load of surgery, which meant I had to exit the game I loved.

As much of a tragedy as it felt at the time,

My nee injury had its tremendous upsides, because I had been trying to strengthen my knee I’d secretly fallen for the gym.

It was almost like football had broken my young 24 year old heart and my rebound was the gym…

But what a rebound it was!

Leaving Football allowed me the time to Qualify as a Level 3 personal Trainer! and now I had a tool for helping people get more energy.

Ever had that where you feel something might “go wrong” for a reason. I’ve no doubt that if I hadn’t taken the time when I’d got injured I wouldn’t be doing the job I love today.

If something’s happened in your life which has meant YOU need to get fit, change your body or get more energy click on the link below:




I’m writing these stories so you can relate to my situation (and learn more about me),
and I want to ask you have you been a similar situation to me…

You KNOW what to do, You KNOW you want to do it, yet the FEAR of it not working keeps you doing the same things.

I had exactly that… I was fully qualified, knew I wanted to be a trainer, knew I loved working with people…

Yet I didn’t leave my safety blanket job I had working at Fortès cafè in Rhos…

Until one day I got an opportunity to become the Head Coach at Fast way to fitness.

My life changed overnight as I was amongst coaching highly invested clients and was amongst a team of highly respected trainers…

It was finally an opportunity to be amongst and Lead a tribe of people who cared about getting in the best shape of their life… A little like what I’m offering you below.