I love to fix people

I’m John, Welcome to my Bio…

I just want to take some time to share with you a little about me…

This year I’m on a mission to help people who are:

  • Unfit because other things in their life have taken priority
  • Out of shape because of the lack of movement
  • In pain due to old injuries

…to get BACK to full Fitness!

See I reckon it’s unfair to have something that can be easily fixed

stopping you from getting to do burpees,

which I’m fully aware we all “love”…


And you know what…I know I can help.


How come you may be asking…



While studying for my degree in Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage (Check photo evidence for my nerdiness)…

Where I learnt to rub, poke and stretch clients back to full fitness I was fortunate enough to work with the Cardiff Blues Academy,

Here I got to work with some of the toughest and roughest muscular injuries.

I worked with the academy making sure that those boys were in top form to get on the pitch every Saturday.  

(This involved a lot of rubbing, coaching and my favourite sport…RUGBY)



After moving back to North Wales I wanted to carry on helping getting people into incredible form, from sofa to sexy!

I’m bringing my skills from across the board to work with you to guide you to feeling, and looking incredible!

Getting back on track

I’m a firm believer that happiness breeds success.

The happier you are, the better you’re feeling, the more productive and successful you will be.

All well and good…

But there are times when no matter how much you ‘KNOW’ This you’re perhaps feeling the aches and pains of a long hard day at work or the strain of an old injury holding you back from doing any exercise and no matter what you KNOW you ‘should do’ relaxing into a pint, bar of chocolate or late night toast just makes you feel that little bit … better!

I’ve been there

I’ve had two, year long injuries where I have struggled to move, let alone train.

During these injuries, I watched my body change, putting on fat, losing my posture and saw my motivation, performance and productivity grind to an all time low.

I wasn’t happy with the way I was looking and my confidence dropped, wearing baggier clothes and not rushing to take part in every activity I could.

But after taking action and stopping “waiting it out”.. Which really didn’t help..

What else did I see?

Starting on my track back to feeling incredible I saw the complete opposite.


IF you want to start seeing some changes reach out to me here


More energy, more motivation, losing fat, gaining muscle and definition, and most notably of all, finding with more energy and motivation I had much more time to do what I love!

The biggest difference though..  CONFIDENCE

As soon as i started moving towards being healthier, I was feeling much happier!

And when I am happy my confidence goes through the roof..

Just ask Llandudno constabulary about the 2012 boxing day dip!!


Don’t let that pain hold you back from feeling like a champion.

It’s the start of your journey back to feeling awesome, feeling motivated, and kicking ass, day in, day out!