I’m the creator of Fast way to fitness, and I’d Love to share with you why and How it all started…

Health, Mentoring and Coaching have made significant and very positive influences to me and I want to pay that forward by sharing with people the necessary steps to create incredible lives.

I have devoted over 12 years to the Health and fitness profession and it has been my lifelong ambition to change the way health and fitness is “done”…

And what I mean by that is that:

I wanted to create a place where people could go not only to better their bodies, but to feel part of something…


So in 2010 I started “The FAST Way To Fitness Camp” from a school yard…and offered 30 people, what I thought to be, a “one time opportunity” to complete a 28 day exercise and diet challenge…

and it was so successful… The ‘one time’ has carried on to date.

This was the start of something wayyy bigger than I had ever dreamt, where 30 became 60 and 60 has become 120…

And now we’ve very little space in our gym we’re having to go online to reach more people with our message.




I’m FASCINATED at how I can help people from all walks of life create and keep changes to their diets, health, relationships, business…Its been a life obsession of mine and I don’t think this will ever change”

As this is MY bio and imagine you are reading it to find out about me, so that you can perhaps:

  • Reach out to me for help
  • Hire me to speak
  • Be inspired

or even just find out a little about the guy behind ‘Fast way to Fitness’

I’m going to share with you about ME and not just about what I do.

As you’ll come to read I hold nothing back and I’m open about what I love and care about…


I am an incredibly passionate, caring and loving dude. I am passionate about fixing broken health and I care for my industry and the people it helps to change their lives.

I come from an incredible family of strong women and men. I idolise the people in my family and the struggles that they have come through, be it cancer, financial struggles or creating a better family unit.

I am the person which holds people accountable for what they say they really want… and I feel that is what many people are searching for.

I Love learning and creating, in fact most of the strategies, systems and stories I tell are from self discovery and practice of being self aware.

You’ll get the best out of me when I am leading, teaching and helping people.


Ever said to yourself “I know what to do, I just can’t get round to actually DOING it”?

This has been the “thing” if you wish thats fascinated me since I became a trainer at the age of 16.

How we all “KNOW” what to do, yet executing on this knowledge escapes us…at the times we need it most.

My lifelong practice has been to try and unpick what “goes wrong” with:

  • Following a diet plan
  • Consistently making a training session
  • Feeling great one minute and feeling like you’re failing the next.

or how we let things slip… and to create ‘fast ways’ to create a solution.

Every day I sit 1-2-1 or with a group and coach strategies to create wealth and success via the vehicle of health.

I am one of the only true “Health coaches” in my industry who refuses to solely focuses on fitness or food as the answer to our health frustrations…

So in 2015 I created “Freedom” my signature coaching system which helps people improve their all areas of their health, relationships, confidence and life.


I have the joy of doing what I absolutely love for my day to day work, and I feel its the people who I work with each day that make it such a great experience.

I have trained International Athletes, Golfers, Triathletes to Muai Thai fighters, equally I’ve worked with Business men and women who haven’t exercised for 10-20 years… and to be quite honest I’ve loved Training all of them.

I am one of the very best at what I do because I refuse to accept dogma, alongside the stories that people tell themselves about how health and success cannot be achieved as a symbiotic process.

The reason I feel I can say I am one of the very best at what I do is because I work with the very best and have been coached and mentored by some of the Worlds leading Health Coaches and interdisciplinary specialists.

However my skill isn’t the research or the discovery of new ways to make people healthy… If you were to ask any of my clients or staff, what I do best is to make complicated things Simple.

One of the things I created to make exercise, diet and mindset training simple and accessible to more people was ‘The Super Lean’ program at Fast way to fitness.


Public speaking was something that used to terrify me. I used to get a dry mouth, my hands would shake, and I would forget my words, however I knew it was the best vehicle to get me where I wanted, in front of people, in a position of influence.

As with anything you find difficult … keep at it and you’ll get better and with this mindset I arranged monthly seminars in front of 10-100 of my fitness campers, where I would share the latest and most up to date strategies and ‘wisdoms’ to create incredible energy levels…

I progressively got better and better, finding better and simpler ways to share with people how to increase energy, improve the way they looked at themselves or how to motivate their work team to think about their diet.

I studied with industry experts, went to see the best speakers in the world and crafted the “The Fast Steps to…” keynote I deliver to local organisations, schools and businesses.

See one of my goals is to influence the health culture of over 500 businesses in 2016, and help over 1000 people transform their lives.

So If you’d like to help me with this or you’d like to find the ‘untapped performance’ in your team at work simply click on the link at the bottom of this page.


Amongst all of the blogs, newspaper columns, client guides, diet programs ‘making stuff’ has become something I’ve come to love about my work.

At Fast we make videos, write posts, record Live Facebook feeds, run webinars, craft seminars.