The more people I speak to about joining FAST the more this question crops up.  This is not something I can answer for you, this is something I can help you answer for yourself.


Firstly, re-phrase what you’re saying.


“I’m pretty busy, is now the best time” is the start of no.  If that is you’re question to yourself you are not opening up to what health and exercise can do for you.  Try asking yourself


Will this benefit me?


Will this make my life easier and more productive?

Rephrasing the question to a neutral one where you can look at both sides of the coin will help you to make an informed decision.


So now we are asking ourselves better questions, lets look at what brought up the idea in the first place.

Is it that you are looking to improve your health, your fitness, looking for more energy, or have you been advised to?


Will this change without help?  What are the consequences if it doesn’t / What are the benefits if it does?

Now we should have the start of a debate going down on paper weighing up the benefit of you adding a health regime to your life.  You should be able to see a clear winner.


But this didn’t really answer the question of time, it just looked at why..


You’re a busy person, work has to get done, you have a family and friends to see.. Is this likely to change?  Are you likely to get less busy?


We all have the same amount of hours in a day.  We can’t make more time.. but we can take the time!


By exercising and improving your health would you not be more productive with your time? possibly extend the time in your life?


Is time the real issue?


Like I said at the beginning, I can’t answer this question for you, but I hope I’ve helped you to answer it for yourself.


If you are still unsure, or would like any advice, please feel free to CONTACT us and we will be more than happy to help 🙂







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