The Brain & Body Gym Launch

FAST Way To Fitness ~ the ‘THINKING’ person’s gym.

A new way to THINK about health – Saturday The 5th of AUGUST 2017 at 10am-1pm

I understand that coming to the gym for the first time can be daunting.

I know you’re probably thinking…

‘I should lose a few pounds first’


‘Everyone there will be so super fit, I’ll just look stupid’


‘I can’t commit right now, I don’t have the time… I know I should, I just don’t want to go through the pain of it not working…. again.’

I’m Ben, a Health & Fitness Coach with over 14 years’ experience helping people transform their bodies, their lives and now their MINDS…

I’ve teamed up with expert brain trainer– Heather Jones, to help you BUST through those THOUGHTS and get you the BODY you want.

Together we are the first gym to offer both BRAIN and BODY transformations.

Mind work is a BIG part of people’s transformation at the gym. Over the years we have helped so many people renew their confidence, think better about themselves. I wanted a FASTer way –  I’m so thrilled to announce that at the launch of my new state of the art facility we will now be offering brain training as well as body training all under one roof!

Heather’s story was a common one but her solution wasn’t… She thought herself thin by training her thoughts first, which led to AUTOMATIC, new, beneficial habits and behaviours around her emotional eating patterns, sugar cravings, destructive self-critical voice, clearing fat inducing stress and her commitment to exercise.

Now she is here to help you TRAIN your BRAIN in order to easily and effortlessly get out of your own way to healthy, sexy body and mind.

This isn’t simply ‘positive thinking’ – this is actual brain training at the subconscious level harnessing the powerful thought energy and neuroplasticity.

What to expect on the day

10am – Introduction to the new facility with Benjamin Owen

11am – Heather Jones – The Brain Trainer – Why YOUR thoughts are key to your Weight Loss success

11:30  – Q&A with Ben & Heather

12am – 15minute “FAST TALKS” Ted Style talks from our uniquely qualified Coaches.

       Ben Moffat – Courage & Confidence – How to create courage and confidence.

       Jess Aspell – Female Hormones – What 5 Key Hormones Women need to pay attention to in order to Kick ass   in the boardroom and the bedroom.

       Andy Thomas- Scrawny To Brawny – What Skinny guys need to do to build big muscles.

1pm – Close 

“If you have had doubts about your ability to stick to a programme, lose weight, be healthier in a way that doesn’t affect the fun in your life, you’ll want to be at this life changing event”