Today we had Mark Clark from Train Smart come up too FAST to do Fat max testing.  This is a short test to see how much fat your body can burn per minute, what is the optimal heart rate to burn fat, and how efficient your body is at burning fat.


The test was based on a VO2max test on a watt bike.  This involves doing a 3 minute warm up at 100w, then after that increasing the wattage by 25 every 30 seconds until failure,

HOWEVER, to work out your optimal fat burning range you do not need to go that far.


For me, the test took a total of 9 minutes to complete.


These 9 minutes will revolutionise the way I train to lose body fat.


From the test, Mark was able to work out that I am able to burn fat at an 80% efficiency at 7.2calories a minute.

Enough of the science, how does this help me burn fat?


What Mark explained to me after is that in order for me to burn fat, all I have to do is work at a steady state between 116-126 BPM (Beats Per Minute).


So I can run, swim, cycle, moonwalk or cha cha slide, as long is I keep doing it and stay within that heart rate range, I will be optimally be burning fat.


Won’t that affect my weight training?


No, as this is easy, steady state work you don’t need any recovery time and can be done all year round.


One of my concerns was that would it affect my rugby?


No, only make you fitter in the last 15 minutes.   This training will build your aerobic base.  


Think of your aerobic base as the foundations to a building, it’s the bottom layer to which everything else is built.


So what have I come away with?


I now know exactly how to train to burn body fat, I know how hard I need to work and I can work out how much fat I’ll be burning over the course of my training.


By investing in this test I have made my training SO EASY!


I’ve already ordered a heart rate monitor and I can’t wait to see my results!
Thank you Mark, and Train Smart!



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