After a tough training session or competition you may be feeling pretty tired and with a lot of muscle ache, sometimes what we call DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), and for those you that have had it, you will know how uncomfortable that can be!


Here are 6 ways to speed up your recovery time:


Great, tasty food


Your food is your fuel.


It has so satiate you, and provide enough nutrients for your body to recover, and adapt to your training in order for you to get your desired outcome.


You have to match your calories and your macronutrients to your goal and stick to it!


Get some fresh air


Go out for a walk and get your muscle moving.


This is going to get the muscles warm and help return the elasticity to the muscles after they start to repair.


It is also great steady state exercise that will help you to melt the fat off your body!


Take a dip


Swimming is a great recovery method as there is no impact in the water.


Unlike other exercises there is no impact on the joints during swimming; unlike weight lifting or running.  Not only this but the limited oxygen supply through the strokes is going to develop your cardiovascular system.


This is a great recovery method for people looking to get lean, or whose joints are aching.




For anyone with muscle ache, or restrictions this a great recovery tool for you.


Massage is a great tool to heal muscles.  It uses a mixture of strokes at a variety of different depths in the muscle to work very precisely to reduce swelling, release muscle tension, break apart knots, relieve pain, reduce stress or increase flexibility and mobility.


Foam rolling


This is a quick and practical trick to improve and keep elasticity in the muscles.  As you train you cause small amounts of damage to the muscle and as you recover the muscle becomes tight and sore.


By taking a few minutes to foam roll you will be increasing the length of the muscle, and help to break up any adhesions causing discomfort.


The fact that they can fit in your gym bag, only take a few minutes and can be done anywhere with enough space to roll on means that it is a very easy way to improve muscle health.

Add in a de-load week


Unfortunately your body can not keep progressing at a steady speed.  It needs time to recover and repair itself.


If your training is balls out and progressively getting harder you are either a superb athlete – hats off to you – or you are heading towards a burnout or injury.


Training is a stress on the body.  As with anything, the body can only take so much stress before it breaks.


By adding in a de-load week you are reducing the stress you put your body through and allowing it more time to repair and adapt.


This will allow you to make those gains you were after and go back to hitting the training hard afterwards.




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