It’s a Monday evening, it’s the first day back in the grind for most, the sun has come out to play, and I want to challenge you.


Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed something within close family members and friends which seems to happen frequently, and I’m wondering if this happens to you with your family and friends..


Who struggles to accept help?


What I have noticed is that some of my family and friends struggle with this, and the most common reason to turn down help is that they “don’t want to inconvenience myself, or whoever is offering”.


It’s no inconvenience


People like to help other people.  Personally, I can’t think of a time when it has really P’d me off to help someone.


Do you need help?


Not in all cases, you may be able to get to your result in the end.. at a cost.


The cost isn’t always money, it can be things more precious – head space, time, friendships or even relationships.


Let me give you an example..


Good old Jimmy from James street is trying to lose weight.  He is 4stone overweight, struggles with energy and depletes his stores during a tough day at work.  When he comes home he can’t be bothered to cook so orders a take out to be dropped off at his front door so he can remain on that comfy couch all night until the same thing happens again the next day.. and the next.. and every day until something changes.


In his mind he is saying that he needs to do something about this, but is worried what people might think if they see him going to a gym – Would he be fit enough? Could he actually do a session? What the heck is a deadlift?


Jimmy is speaking to Jenny about this, and she suggests coming along to her coaching sessions and she will help him lose the weight and it will cost £X.


Thinking about he money and that he doesn’t want to drop his problems on Jenny, Jimmy says no it’s ok, he’ll do it by himself.


~ What do you think of Jimmy’s decision? ~


A month later Jenny sees Jimmy and asks if he is succeeding with his goals.  Nothing has changed.




Jimmy is unsure of where to start, he has been reading online and is paralysed with options and decisions.


So let’s think back to Jenny’s offer, what was she offering him? Yes, it was a place on her coaching programme, but more than that, she was offering him a solution to his problems.


I’ll leave you to put an ending to that story; whether Jimmy accepts the help and the solution to his problems, or whether he carries on with the struggle.


My heart is crying out for Jimmy to accept the help!  Hence my challenge..


This week I am Jenny, and I am wanting to speak to as many Jimmy’s as possible.


My offer to you is a FREE 15minute phone call where I can help you to get started, get rid of pain, push through a plateau, or even speed up the results you are already getting.


Click HERE for your free call, it’ll take you a few minutes and we will be in touch!


Thank you for accepting help.



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