Keep the goal the goal


In order to gain muscle, build strength, lose body fat, or improve sporting performance you have to train.  Yet each of these will require you to train in a different way.


Fluttering between the contrasting styles may give you some results initially if you are untrained, however this will slow down and your body will become confused about what it needs to adapt to.


Focus on your goal and train for it.


Every set, Every Rep


A body transformation is not easy, and neither is improving sports performance.


It’s going to take time, energy, and money.


This is an investment, and just like if you were going to invest in anything you have to do all the work in order for it to succeed.


Ride the wave of momentum


Once you have achieved your goal, then set yourself another.


As you start to achieve more, it becomes easier to do it again.  It’s check list..


One of the best ways to set your goals is to think of your BIG overall goals, and then plan the steps that will take you up to that target.


E.G. If you want to lose 2stone in body fat as your overall goal, some of your steps could be

  1. Measure body fat
  2. Educate yourself on your diet
  3. Start moving more
  4. Join a gym
  5. Lose X amount of body fat by Y date



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